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Chef Pepe

29 March, 2012

Dear Foodie, I thought i would give you a little heads up on what we have comming in the following months……………

I know you love food so I am excited to tell you that i have created a special new pastry range that will be hitting your supermarket shelves soon.

They started with an idea, to travel the world and bring back the flavours and put them into my delicious flaky pastry.

I have been to Mexico, India, England and China and many places in between and I have met with some amazing chefs who have bestowed upon me their family recipes to give you the most authentic traditional fillings to compliment our pastry.

As any foodie knows the small things in a recipe make the difference and i am confident that when you try these you will experience a great new food that will have you wanting for more…………

keep your eyes posted on our website and facebook page over the coming months to be the first to find out what these great products are.

Keep the Good Food Times coming,

Yours truely

Chef Pepe